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With Chris Riddell on World Book Day

I was extremely fortunate on World Book day to again meet the fantastic Chris Riddell - illustrator, author and children's laureate 2015. I was delighted to be able to present him with copies of 'The Galaxy Voyage Trilogy' and told him it would be an absolute dream come true to have a version of the books with his amazing illustrations! 

Chris Riddell drew the illustrations for The Edge Chronicles, a collaboration with author Paul Stewart- one of my favourite series of books, I loved Chris's drawings in these stories and had no idea until recently that he lived in Brighton too. Chris has also written and illustrated his own books including the 'Goth Girl' stories. Fingers crossed for a collaboration between Chris Riddell and LDP Stead in the future! 

Also present were Nicky Singer for whom Chris has illustrated her most recent publication 'Island' and Will Mabbitt reading excepts from his book for younger children 'The unlikely adventures of Mabel Jones'.

Pupils dress as characters from 'The Galaxy Voyage Trilogy' for World Book Day.

World book day saw the appearance of the evil white robot and over-lord of the galaxy - Vendax, with two of his Kill-bot soldiers. Standing up for justice and peace were 'Claws' - complete with four arms and 'Jack'. armed with his laser crossbow and of course perched on his shoulder was the living ball of fluff 'Minnow'!

Delivering an assembly on 'The Galaxy Voyage Trilogy.'

Thank you very much to everyone for your enthusiastic and supportive response! 

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