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An exciting action and adventure story for children aged 7+

Galaxy Voyage Part 1: 
The Dragons of Doom

Fast-paced, high-speed, non-stop, laser-blasting, action and adventure!


Orphans Jack and Lara lose everything when evil Lord Vendax and his robot armies destroy their home.  Fleeing on board their spaceship - the Silver FOX, they begin a perilous voyage across the galaxy in search of the crystals which can activate a secret weapon and destroy Vendax.


Helped by the mysterious robot - Centurion 42, a purple, four armed cat named Claws, and Minnow - a chattering, white ball of fluff, Jack and Lara battle against killer robots, flesh-eating plants, giant spiders and the dragons of Doom themselves in their quest to restore justice to the galaxy.

Galaxy Voyage Part 2: 
The Sandvipers of Zaak

Jack, Lara, 42, Claws and Minnow continue their heroic voyage across the galaxy in this next exciting instalment of the Galaxy Voyage trilogy.

The crew of the Silver FOX are whisked onwards on their dangerous journey - first to the ice planet of Sowan, where in the frozen wastelands, they face a host of monstrous snow-beasts; then to the desert planet of Zaak, where with new found friends, they battle gigantic scorpions and killer snakes in search of the next crystal jewels for the Omicron.

With Vendax and his robot armies in relentless pursuit, this action-packed sequel propels the companions from one danger to another in their continuing quest across the stars.

Galaxy Voyage Part 3: 
The Disc on Shard

In this exciting conclusion to the Galaxy Voyage trilogy Jack and Lara face Lord Vendax himself in a final, lethal showdown.

With help from friends across the galaxy, the companions must hunt for the last of the Omicron crystals in the wild city Electra, beneath the waves of the water-world of Lanza, and on the volcanic planet Shard.

With danger at every turn, facing terrifying, alien creatures and with Vendax unleashing all his forces to stop them, the crew of the Silver FOX will need all their skills and all the luck in the galaxy if they are to finally complete their quest to find all the Omicron jewels and defeat Vendax.

The Galaxy Voyage Trilogy
Review by story-teller Jaime Crawford:

LDP Stead has produced a perfectly pitched space-fiction series for middle to upper primary-age readers: pacey, inventive and exciting with a compelling final plot twist!

Indeed the novels are shot through with the author's knowledge of the sci-fi canon, imbuing his imagined worlds with depth and richness and giving an epic feel to this micro-trilogy. And of course all those genre references will bring a wry smile to knowing parents and teachers!

Seriously folks... the series would make an excellent addition to any school library, space-themed learning journey, reading scheme or targeted for reluctant boy readers...... or just a very cool bedtime story book!


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